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Fabio Magnani


The search of the scenic movement

Open to everyone

Max 14 students

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Can I tell you something without talking? What value does the word have? How can I be interesting without doing anything? How do you experience the scene? Improvisers have big responsabilities. They can manipulate nothingness in order to shape it. In a scene without anything, everything can be there. The body is the only tool we have always available, and if it is well trained and ready, it will help us realize our ideas, creating clear and ecognizable images. This workshop aims at giving value to the body, by looking for the awareness of our stage presence, exploring a universal language that can be understood by anyone. We will become aware of the stage space and learn to be on stage. We will enhance the silences, but not only them. We will do a true research on the essentiality and truth of the word. We will aim at the relations between the various characters to obtain a concrete emotional sincerity. We will give words their rightful space, without abusing it. A genuine work on the actor and his dynamic body. During the workshop, a format will be created to make a final performance, open to the public.


Fabio Magnani graduated at the Alessandra Galante Garrone’s Academy, in Bologna. He’s been working with differents directors such as Robert Wilson and Cesar Brie. He has studied clownerie with Andrè Casaca. He became a national professional improvisers studying with Qfc Teatro, Antonio Vulpio, Omar Galvan, Jim Libby e Patti Stiles. He’s been experiencing different kinds of street theater with “Ciarlatani senza Frontiere”, a non-profit project, destined for Kenya and its slums in 2010, then in Bosnia in 2017. Since 2014 he’s been working with Damiano Scarpa from Alcantara Theater in a psychosocial path, working with people suffering from different psychiatric pathologies and physical disabilities.


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