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Fabrizio Lobello sold out

Fabrizio Lobello

Do you hear the people sing

The power of music and group in improv

Level: intermediate/advanced

Max 14 students

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A Broadway old saying is that in musicals, characters start to sing when words are not enough anymore to convey their emotions. When this also happen to the whole group the impact is even bigger. In this workshop we will learn how to find new levels of connection within the group and how to express this connection with the music, how to convey in music our characters’ feelings and how to bond with the audience at a deeper level by creating emotional and truthful scenes.


Fabrizio started training in improv in 2004 in Rome and then studied in international schools such as Loose Moose Theatre (Canada) e Second City (USA). He is a co-founder of “I Bugiardini” improv group, where he performs, directs and teaches and with whom has participated in many national and international theatre festivals. His teaching and performing credits include Match di Improvvisazione Teatrale (R) professional circuit and Assetto Teatro e Improvvisazione. As a performer, he performed in many international festivals, including Portugal, Canada, USA, Scotland (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). As a director and author, he is also the creator and artistic director of “B.L.U.E. – il musical completamente improvvisato”.


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