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Lancia sold out

Francesco Lancia

Keep it real

Is it necessary to be creative to improvise? 

Level: intermediate

Max 14 students

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Descrizione prodotto

Is it possible to improvise without improvising?is creativity Always necessary to be good improvisers? During this workshop we’ll try to answer these questions exploring how to deal with improvisations. We Will try to perceive the research of profound realism, as a big mean of exploration of emotions and human relationships, from which we often tend to escape during improvisations. In a few words, we will explore how to stay on stage and to be honest at the same time. During the workshop, a format will be created to make a final performance, open to the public.


Francesco Lancia is an improviser, actor, tv and radio host and a professional comedy writer. He learned improv theater in Italy and he studied at Loose Moose Theater in Calgary and at Second City of Chicago. He started in 2001 and he worked with Patti Stiles, Randy Dixon, David Razowsky , Michael Gellmann, Susan Messing, Rachel Mason and many others. Is the creator and the director of “Shhh – an improvised silent movie” a Sell-Out awards winner at the EdFringe 2016. Is one of the founders and an actors of “i Bugiardini” one of the best improv group in Italy with many shows in the Country and in The World like the best-selling “B.L.U.E. – il musical completamente improvvisato”. He hosted a game show on the main channel of the National Italian Television and a comedy morning show on one of the first Italian radio station.


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