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Gosia Rozalska


Be the Improv Ninja

Level: advanced

Max 14 students. Workshop in English with translator.

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Descrizione prodotto

This workshop is an advanced improviser’s playground. At the beginning of the improv adventure, you learn how to make the scene work. Then you learn different ways to do it. Now it’s time to do it your OWN way. During this workshop we’ll gather all the tools that we’ve experienced so far, and we’ll use them in different combinations to experience, that a good “Freeform” in not a lucky guess, but a result of spontanoius, but conscious decisions along the way. If improv is freedom, this is as close we can get to reach it. During the workshop, a format will be created to make a final performance, open to the public.


Małgorzata Różalska (Gosia/Róża) – improviser and teacher from the north of Poland. She has been improvising since 2004, being one of the first in Poland. Besides being an improviser, she graduated Film Directing in Gdynia Film School, Photography at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, and Cultural Studies at University of Gdańsk – and she loves mixing all her arts with improv. She acts with her own company, and She Also writes in a blog of her own creation ( She Is part of an international improv group called OHANA, and she’s conquering the world, teaching and/or performing among others, at Seattle International Festival of Improv, Improvention in Canberra, IMPRO Amsterdam, IMPRO Berlin, Mt. Olymprov in Athens, Big IF in Barcelona, Sacrebleu! in Strasbourg, Sofia International Improv Fest, WIP Workimprogress, Improfestival Mainz. She’s a big nerd, and she’ll never stop learning.


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