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Nick Byrne

Nick Byrne

Common Monster

Making the genres or skillsets of improv that you thought were hard, easier

Level: base

Max 14 students

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Descrizione prodotto

Are there areas of improvisation that you consider more difficult than others? Do you sometimes avoid choosing these types of scenes, games, long-forms? Did you imagine you needed a special talent or skill set to perform musical or Shakespearean improv, or another specialised style? Who told you that? Maybe it was yourself? Well, you can do it! You can do it, now! Do it, easily, in this workshop, and free yourself. Nick believes there is a way to make these “common monsters” (whatever form they take for different improvisers), accessible and easy to enjoy, so that fear and complexity do not prevent the improviser from growing their skills. Whatever your level of experience, this workshop will show that there is no aspect of improvisation that you can not face and master.

At the end of the workshop a “monstrous” site-specific group performance is scheduled.


Nick is an Australian actor, teacher and Artistic Director of Australia’s international festival of improvisation, Improvention, (also known as Canberra International Improv Festival). He has a strong theatre and music background, as well as a deep passion for teaching improvisation.
He has recently taught in Barcelona and Madrid, then at Mt Olymprov in Athens and FIIF in Tampere, Finland. He had previously been an instructor at Improfest in Sweden, in Paris, Moment 16 in Vienna, Amsterdam on two occasions, Liverpool UK, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow, St Petersburg, Riga, Tallinn at TILT Festival, Bucharest, and more.


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