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Omar Galvan

Splash (Be water)

You learn to improvise by improvising

Level: base

Max 14 students

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Descrizione prodotto

This workshop aims at being a summer educational context focused on empirical learning, that is, on the practice of “doing”. During the first years of improv class, it is important to make experiences, know new people, know yourself. The teacher will give you some usefull contents and tools to strenghten everything you learnt so far, practice it with other improvisers coming from a different educational path, and acquire new theatrical tools, as if they were new toys, ready to be displayed on a stage. Installations – Solo and choral scenes – The body – The vicissitude – first person narration – Timing – Free style = your own style – Playing with strangers. Omar Galván, during his non-stop Improtour, has developed his own internationally recognizable poetics: magical realism, elegant transitions, poetic body, multi-level reality, these are only some of his personal footprint that will be the basis of this workshop. “I bought a book on juggling. I read it more than once, I studied it. I still don’t know how to juggle.” Keith Johnstone. During the workshop, a non-format will be created to make a final performance, open to the public.


Omar Argentino Galván is an improviser, teacher and creates formats. Author of the Impro handbook “Del Salto al Vuelo” and “Yes but”, an essay about improv, translated in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portoguese. His work is characterized by a particular poetic in scene, a blend of magical realism and theatrical narrative which are resources non often used in Improv theater. With is nonstop “Improtour”, he has been touring the world since 2000 and has gone through thirtyfseven countries on five continents, and constantly returns to some of them (Italy, Latino America, France, Portugal).


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